Posted on Nov 13, 2020

North County San Diego Dental Implant Centers

Hi Everyone. we live in difficult times. Covid-19 pandemic, millions of businesses closed temporarily or permanently, millions of jobs lost and people who have been financially affected.
indeed many people struggle very hard to pay their bills so they and their family don't end up becoming homeless.
We can all pitch in to help and make things easier for people who are affected by this disaster.
I would like to offer free dental emergency care for those who have lost their job or somehow affected and are not be able to pay for their emergency dental care.
It you know someone who need emergency dental care and can't afford to pay for it, please let them know help is available in Dental Implant Centers. Please tell them to call us.
Our toll free number is (866)4my-smile (866-469-7645.
Thank you and god bless everyone. James Khazian DMD.
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